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Tips & Tricks to prepare for General Awareness Section SBI PO 2017

How to prepare for the general awareness section for SBI PO 2017?

With the SBI PO recruitment 2017 notification out, you must be wondering on how to go about with your preparation for the General Awareness Section. Here, we try to answer a few important frequently asked questions that will help you with structuring your preparation for this section.

Is General Awareness crucial for SBI PO 2017?

You MUST give the general awareness section its due time, effort and importance for the following reasons –

a) This section forms close to 25% of the total objective questions (Total Questions ~155) and 20% of the total score.

b) The nature of the question asked in the General Awareness section is simple. It is a high return on the time investment done. This is also the section which you can give the least amount of time while solving the paper and expect a high score if you have prepared well.c) It is significant for both – the Mains Section as well as the interview and GD rounds.

c) It is significant for both – the Mains Section as well as the interview and GD rounds.

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What are the topics that you must prepare to ace the General Awareness Questions?

The most important aspect of preparing for the General Awareness Section in the SBI PO 2017 is to identify the topics of focus, and the approach to prepare for them.

With close analysis of the previous year’s question papers here is an outline of the identified topics. We have also provided you with the approach of preparing for these topics that can prove to be handy in giving you best returns give the limited time of preparation.

a) Current Affairs

Staying updated with the regular current affairs is vital for this General Awareness section of the SBI PO 2017 exam. It can prove to be your strength while answering this section.

Here are a few topics you must focus on –

  • New schemes, committees, bills, laws, summits, conclaves, deals and MoUs of national and international importance.
  • Important people in news: Change in the head of institutions/committees/organizations.
  • India’s position in the various indices (Also note the source of the index)
  • Keep a record of the sports, awards, new books & authors etc.

Preparation Approach:

  1. Keep a habit of reading newspaper. If that is not possible, ensure you update with the current affairs at least on weekly basis.
  2. Keep a track of the editorials too. Most of the articles discuss the details of the current affairs which give additional information on the topic.
  3. Cover the important happenings (Sep 2016 onwards). Make mind maps/notes of the important events like – Census, Union Budget, Demonetisation, Olympics, Elections, Noble Prizes, Oscars etc.

b) Banking and Economy Awareness:

It is obvious that a candidate appearing for the SBI PO exam must be well versed with the common and latest development in the banking and economics sector. A few key points to definitely cover while preparing for this section –

  • Important Banks and their CEOs, MDs, year of establishment, headquarters and tag lines.
  • Important mergers, acquisitions, schemes announced in the recent past. Consider at least 6 months of data ( ~Jan 2017 onwards). Tracking current affairs would come handy.
  • Important bills and constitution amendments which affect the economy of the country
  • The history and the working of Indian Banking system.
  • Get a fair idea of the common terms of economics and banking definitions.
  • Remember the milestones of the Banking Industry – First banks to achieve major milestones (First Bank to introduce ATMs, Cheque system, Digital Banking etc.)
  • Closely track the activities of economically important organizations like – SEBI, SIDBI, NABARD, IRDA etc
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Preparation Approach:

  1. Get all required, related, relevant information in a format which is easy to remember.

          Prepare from a list of the important banks with their CEOs, MDs, year of establishment, Head Quarters and tag lines and milestones/achievements.
          Prepare from a list of important Committees/organizations with their major function, heads, Head Quarters and year of creation/establishment.

  1. Prepare a timeline –for each year mark the important events of banks and organizations. It will help you remember more with better accuracy.
  2. Prepare for the relevant abbreviations and acronyms.

 c) Static GK

Though the first 2 sections are the ones which should be the prime focus when it comes to the preparation for the General Awareness section of the SBI PO 2017, it wouldn’t be wise to drop the static GK topics completely. With a good foundation of the Current Affairs and Banking Awareness section and a decent knowledge of the topics that are asked in the static GK section, you are bound to ace the SBI PO 2017 General Awareness section easily!

Here is the broad outline of the topics that you must cover in the static GK section:

  • Countries, capitals, and currencies.
  • Geography (Dams, rivers, wildlife sanctuaries, crops, power stations, seasons etc.)
  • Indian & World History (Rulers, Wars, Important Days & Dates etc.)
  • Indian Polity (constitution, committees, policies)
  • National & International Organizations (Schemes, Heads, Headquarters)
  • Books & Authors
  • Awards, achievements, and Honours
  • Important Dates and Days

Preparation Approach:

In this category, the topics are such that the information is vast and there is too much information, data which needs to be read through.

While you need not spend too much time in making notes, it is good to have a thorough read and multiple times to ensure you expose your mind to the information enough times such that you retain maximum.

  1. Bunch countries based on common currency to remember them. Example: countries which have Peso as their currency: Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Columbia etc.
  2. Make a "points to remember" sheet for all the states of India. This should have the details of state CM, Governor, capital, important dams, rivers, national park, power plants, crops, industry, etc.
  3. For history – split it into pre-Independence and post-Independence era. Remember events by plotting them on a timeline.
  4. Indian Polity – Make sure you know the important constitution articles, amendments, bills and laws (particularly the ones which have been discussed in the recent past & are important for India’s economy). Know the various ministries and their heads.
  5. Know the people who have won the awards in the field sports, literature, arts. It is essential to know the highest awards in these fields as well.

While the above details of the topics for General Awareness Section for SBI PO 2017, can help you with preparation, but it would be incomplete if you don’t practice enough with the mock tests. Ensure you take enough Mock Tests to know the different types of possible questions that can be asked. It will also help to boost your confidence.

All the Best!

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