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How NOT to Prepare for SSC CGL 2017

Meet Mr.Ram. Ram is preparing hard for SSC CGL 2017. He believes in the importance of hard work. He puts in all his free time into learning something new. Ram prepares from a huge collection of study material he had got from his seniors and friends. Whenever he gets free time, he randomly selects a topic from the syllabus and learns everything that is related to it. 

Ram doesn’t socialize much; he believes Facebook and Instagram are just unnecessary distractions.In fact, Ram doesn’t spend any time on the Internet. Ram is confident that he will crack the exam with ease. He thinks, “After all, I have learnt everything there is to learn, haven’t I? There is no way I am going to fail in the exam.”

It might seem like Ram is the perfect student. But, as surprising as it is, Ram is probably not going to make it.  He is making a couple of very serious mistakes, which any aspirant preparing for any exam would want to avoid.

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Golden Rule No 1 - A bad plan is better than no plan at all.

While learning anything and everything that one comes across is not bad, it definitely is not the recommended approach. Our brain respects and requires system – it likes it when things are well organised. Therefore, while preparing for an exam like SSC CGL, the first step of the aspirant must be to prepare a good plan. Understand the syllabus. Recognize the important topics. Identify your weak areas. And then, make a plan, distributing time across all topics while focusing on topics that are important. You will feel a sense of purpose once you start preparing according to the plan you have made.

This article should help you make the right plan – SSC CGL 2017: Exam Pattern, Syllabus & Important Topics.

Golden Rule No 2 – All learning and no practice will take Ram nowhere.

Well, not much of what you learn would stick around for long, if you do not apply it. Practice is as much important as learning is. Therefore, do not stop after learning a particular concept or topic, solve a few practice questions. Also, it would serve you well to take up a mock test or two regularly. Allocate a week or two before the exams to just practice.

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Extra Wisdom – Fellowship and Expert Guidance are highly underrated.

Ram abstains from all sorts of ‘distractions’, but he is missing out on a few perks that the world wide web has to offer. Staying connected to fellow aspirants via forums and discussions will keep you focused in your journey. And receiving tips and advice from experts will boost your learning process. Also, Internet helps you stay updated to latest notifications and developments. Hence make the best use of the golden goose.

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Well, one can only hope that Ram learns his lessons at least now, 2 months before the exam. That should give him enough time to re-group and take a better shot. Ram, if you’re listening…

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