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IBPS PO Preparation Strategy


The Preliminary Examination for the post of IBPS PO is scheduled to happen in October 2017. The glamour and security of the job attracts lakhs of aspirants every year. It is no different this year, with competition being cut-throat as ever.

What does a successful aspirant do differently from a normal aspirant? What is their success mantra? While it is true that everyone has their unique preparation techniques, there would be one thing common among all successful aspirants - they all followed a specific strategy for preparation. No matter what, they stuck to their strategy, from the first day of preparation until the very end.

Therefore, if you are a serious aspirant of IBPS PO 2017, it is important that you prepare a particular preparation strategy based on your strengths, weaknesses and time availability. This article by Bank Naukri will help you design your preparation strategy.

#1 Planning

It doesn’t matter when you start. Be it 3 months, or 30 days, what matters is that you have a plan that will take you to your goal of cracking the exam. All your efforts would be in vain if your preparation does not have a proper direction to follow. Therefore, your first step must be to consider your time availability and create a plan for your preparation.

#2 Time Management

It is not a good idea to spend most of the time on a particular section or topic. Divide your time on all topics. But do spend more time on important topics and topics that you are weak on. Therefore, while you make your plan, have a thorough scan of the syllabus for the exam and plan accordingly.

#3 Go for Overall Development

While you spend big chunks of time on studies, also do not forget to update your vocabulary, grammar and knowledge. This can be done by spending some amount of time everyday on reading newspapers, watching English movies and TV. You must also acquaint yourself with the role of a PO. Staying connected with economic news from the country would also help.

#4 Major Topics to Prepare

In the Reasoning section, you must focus on Syllogisms, Blood Relations, Coding and Decoding, Analytical Reasoning, Inequalities, Seating arrangement and Number Series.

In the Quantitative section, spend more time on honing your calculation skills and basic mathematics. It is considered the toughest section in IBPS PO. Major topics would be Data Interpretation, Approximation, Arithmetic and Geometry.

In the English section, Fill in the Blanks, Comprehension Passage, Idioms, and Spotting Error Questions are most important.

#5 Stay relaxed

A calm, relaxed mind can do wonders. Spend time not just on studies, but also on other leisure activities. More importantly, devote a minimum of 8 hours to sleep. Only a well-rested and sound body can react well to new lessons.

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