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Learning Hours Program - How will Bank Naukri help you crack the SBI PO?

Yet another bank exam season has begun bringing endless opportunities for aspirants to land their dream job in the banking sector. The notification for the most sought after SBI PO exam has been released and over 25 lakh candidates are expected to appear for the examination.

There is tremendous anxiety in the air and the aspirants are doing everything they can and more to give wings to their dreams of becoming a PO. Cracking any bank exam involves four main components namely English Language, Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning and General Awareness.  The ideal preparation process should revolve around honing your skills in these areas and mastering all the necessary concepts.

We at BankNaukri have always endeavored to help aspirants land their dream jobs in the prestigious banking sector. The Bank Exams are usually a test of speed and accuracy of the candidate. The candidates hardly have over 30 seconds to answer each question correctly in the exam hence it is imperative for the aspirants to understand all the concepts like the back of their hand. The aspirants also should know in which areas they are just expected to qualify and which areas they have to capitalize on to maximize the score.  It is well known that regular preparation over an extended period of time yields better results than last minute sprints. Keeping all this in mind, our experts at BankNaukri have formulated a strategy to suit your specific needs and chalked out a course of action - The Learning Hours Program that will help you bridge the gap between where you are, to where you want to go. In the Learning Hours

The Learning Hours Program will help you grasp and master the entire syllabus for the SBI PO 2017 over the duration of 10 weeks before the exam. Our experts will strategically pick focus topics across all the sections every week, cover each of them from scratch and break down every concept related to the topic. Through the Learning Hours Program we will not only reach out to you every week but we will also offer you a classroom-like atmosphere and a premier platform for your discussions.

Here’s how the Learning Hours Program will give you that extra edge you need to ace the exam:

1. The Ideal Schedule:

Everybody has a schedule but what matters the most is having a realistic timeline which you can stick to. We will pick focus topics across all the sections each week and cover each topic from scratch, provide you with comprehensive study materials and help you understand concepts clearly and build a strong foundation. With our plan, you can effectively cover all the topics well in advance and be confident about acing the exam.

2. Only Practice Makes You Perfect:

One can never state the importance of it enough. We will provide you with the time-tested strategies and effective techniques to tackle any problem and we will also help you increase your speed and accuracy of solving. We will also broaden your perspective by exposing you to an exhaustive set of solved examples.

3. Learn From the Best: 

You may wonder “What if I get stuck while solving a problem or encounter obstacles along the way?” Don’t worry! You will get to interact with our experts and instructors through our weekly webinars and our WhatsApp groups. Our experts who have helped thousands of candidates land their dream job will personally mentor you and clear all your doubts. They will also disclose unique shortcuts, share the insights they have gained from the years of experience.

4. Checkpoints to Track Your Progress:

You might wonder "With lakhs of aspirants battling it out to grab a piece of the big pieHow will I know where I stand in the crowd?"

We conduct Weekly Milestone tests every Saturday to help you revise the concepts you learned. Video solutions will be provided for these tests and you will be ranked based on your performance, which will show you how you fair against the fierce competition (we won’t forget the top rankers, there are surprises in store for them).

The Ideal Schedule

       Day of the Week

             Schedule for the Day


Monday  Focus Topics for the Week  Kick-start Monday with a schedule in place. Master concepts by going through the concept videos and the solved examples from our course
Tuesday  Tips and Tricks for the Focus Topics  Comprehensive study aid with effective strategies and tips to tackle any problem that you might encounter
Wednesday   Weekly General Awareness Quiz and Current Affairs Video Round-up of previous week's current affairs and take the Quiz on the General Awareness section to see where you stand
Thursday  Skill Gap Videos Short interactive videos to help you understand key concepts
Friday   Weekly Webinar and Weekly Digest

Go through the video solutions for all the practice tests. Interact with our experts and get your doubts cleared. Revise the formulae, concepts and shortcuts with our Weekly Digest.  

Saturday  and Sunday Weekly Milestone Test  Put the skills you gained over the week to test with our Weekly 

Now, there's just one checkbox left to be ticked off before we go for the kill, Subscribe to BankNaukri's SBI PO 2017 Course.

Here are a few guidelines for you to follow:
Step 1: Block some prep-time every day based on your strengths, weaknesses convenience.
Step 2: Master the concepts by watching the concept videos and solved examples in our course.
Step 3: If you get stuck or have doubts, let us know and our experts will clarify them then and there.
Step 4: Take the Speed Tests and Weekly Milestone Tests regularly and know where you stand.
Step 5: Analyze your performance and revise if necessary.
Step 6: Stay focused and stick to the schedule.

Get ready to build your stairway to success with us. Subscribe now to get started.

Happy Learning!

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