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Your Perfect Resume for SBI PO

Get tips on making a perfect resume for SBI PO resume here…

How to make the perfect resume for SBI PO Interviews? This is a question that nobody really has a perfect answer to. While we at ChalkStreet don’t boast of having the complete answer to this seemingly unanswerable question, we do have a few tips. They may not make your resume perfect, but we can assure you that you will land many more interviews if you incorporate our advice into your resume.

  • In the banking sector, the competition is intense. You should try and make your resume unique. The financial industry is huge, and you should be confident as to which position you will work in. Your resume should portray your suitability for that position.
  • Along with your relevant experience in this field, employers look for analytical skills, communication skills and the ability to work under pressure. Analytical skills show that the person can think logically and find the solution to tough problems.
  • Good communication skills are essential in the industry as a lot of the work involves interacting with people. The ability to work under pressure is very valued in the banking sector as people often have to work long hours and meet constant deadlines.
  • Interpersonal skills are also valued very highly as teamwork is of tremendous importance. The banking sector is all about numbers.
  • Your resume should illustrate why you are suitable for the company you are applying to.
  • The bank will get hundreds of applications. Differentiate yourself from them by including extra-curricular activities.
  • Don’t make your resume longer than two pages. Do not use long, artistic sentences. Keep it simple.
  • Don’t forget to read your resume as many times as possible to check for spelling, grammatical and factual errors.
  • Make sure you know everything that is present there on your resume.

To draw the reader’s eye to the important points, use bullets. A suggested resume layout is given below


Name, Contact Details

Profile(A couple of sentences highlighting your skills and career goals)

 Education(Highlight skills you developed while in college, and areas of interest. Mention awards you won as well, Use Tables)

Professional Experience(Include details of employers, key responsibilities and achievements)

Extra-curricular Activities(Try to illustrate how they helped you hone skills that are necessary to survive in the banking industry)

Following the above guidelines will ensure that you have an attractive resume that will catch the eye of any recruiter. At the end of the day, a good resume is short in length, contains short, crisp sentences, and advertises the skills of the individual.

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