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SBI PO 2017 EXAM Interview Tips


Congratulations to all the fellow aspirants who have reached the Group Discussion and Interview of the State Bank of India (SBI) Recruitment of Probationary Officers (PO).

 Now the candidates need to prepare well for Group Discussion and Interview as these are the most crucial rounds of selection. The preparation tips given in this article will help the candidates to nurture their skills and polish themselves.

We will be presenting you with various methods of handling different topics and presentation skills of an individual.

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The Interview:

This SBI PO Interview is meant to observe the attitude, confidence level and communication skills of the candidate. The strategy that the candidate follows to answer the questions lets the panel members decide the suitability of the candidate for the bank. There are a few guidelines on how to approach your interview.

      1.Be up to date with current affairs

The candidates must keep themselves updated with whatever is going on in the world. They must read newspapers and magazines thoroughly, specifically the economic section as most questions will be asked from the banking sector.

      2. Have a proper knowledge of your organisation

 The candidates need to have a proper knowledge about SBI, its number of branches, Chairman etc. They must be able to answer any question without haste and in full confidence.

     3.Analytical Skills

 The candidates must be prepared to face a few logical questions to test their analytical ability. They should not be surprised and must be ready for anything which is thrown at them.

 At these kinds of interviews, body language is the key. The candidates must have a positive outlook towards everything and must have a confident approach. Positivity is reflected mostly from your way of talking and thus your communication skills are very important and will make all the difference.

  • Always enter the interview room with a smile and acknowledge the panel and don’t hesitate while answering a question. A confident, properly modulated voice always gets more attention than anything else.
  • It is natural to be nervous before your interviews. Tackle this nervousness by giving many mock interviews. Mock interviews are essential in preparing a candidate for all the various types of challenges that can be thrown at him and also builds the tenacity to expect the unexpected.

Some few common questions which are expected to be asked in every interview are:

  1. Tell me about yourself? 

This is a very important question as it portrays to the panel who you are. Candidate should have a proper answer framed for this question. He should not stick just to his technical abilities but also include his hobbies as well. This question is all the more about selling oneself and thus its answer must be prepared properly.

  1. Why should I hire you?

Another very important question where the candidate should be witty and focus on his strengths as well as mention his weaknesses. He should be confident on answering why his skills and strengths will be beneficial to the company.

  1. Would you willing to relocate?

Here the candidate must be honest in answering this question. He should inform the interviewer whether he can relocate or not.

  • Apart from these questions candidate can expect questions to be asked about SBI so a thorough study about the company is important.

Interviews are always a test of your character and your ability to hold pressure. Do keep your calm, be confident and keep a clear mind to whatever is thrown at you. The panel will judge you based on your approach to the questions you know and also to those which you don’t know. So don’t panic, don’t hesitate to answer a question and carry a positive mindset. That’s all which is necessary. All the best, do very well in your interviews.

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