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SSC CGL 2017 - Salary, Allowances & Perks


SSC CGL is clearly one of the most prestigious exams conducted by the Staff Selection Committee every year. The reason for this is that a candidate who clears SSC CGL can boast of being a government servant for the rest of their lives and enjoy all the perks that the job brings. Lakhs of candidates compete every year for a few thousand vacancies available in the central government, and only the extremely well-prepared make it to the final draw.

So what is it that makes SSC CGL so lucrative a deal? Is it the salary structure offered for a govt employee? Or is it the job security associated with the post? Or is it the countless allowances provided for a govt employee? Or is it the sizable pension that you would get after retirement? Let’s find out.


Salary is definitely a deciding factor. The salary of any state government or central government employee depends on his/her rank, years of service, department, grade pay, city of residence etc. The grade pay varies for different posts. An employee with grade pay of 4800 would get an in-hand salary close to 60k. An employee with grade pay of 4600 would get an in-hand salary close to 55k. An employee with grade pay of 4200 would get an in-hand  salary close to 45k. So, yeah, clearing SSC CGL will mean that you hold a post that offers you a handsome wad of cash every month.

Job Security

Government jobs are secure. In the private sector, performance is a deciding factor in promotions or salary hikes. People getting fired for not performing well is also not that uncommon. But a government employee can enjoy a high job security throughout his life. And that is one of the main reasons people prefer to look for a government post.


A government employee is provided countless allowances during the tenure of his service. They are:-

  • Dearness allowance
  • Medical allowance &
  • Special allowance

Dearness Allowance is cost of living adjustment allowance which the government pays to the employees of the public sector. The exact value depends on the place of living and the basic pay of the employee.

Apart from this, a govt employee will also enjoy medical allowances  and other special allowances for travel and relocation.


Government servants can also enjoy a sizeable pension after they retire. Who doesn’t want a safe and secure old age with the govt paying for all your expenses?

 All these factors, and many more, make SSC CGL exam a golden goose. Prepare well, Crack the exam and Enjoy holding a government job for the rest of your life.

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