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State Bank of India (SBI) has released SBI PO Cut-Off for 2018 Prelims Exam. SBI PO exam cut off is released once each phase of the examination is concluded. Let’s have a look at the cut-off for SBI PO Prelims 2018 Exam. SBI PO 2018 Prelims Cut- off Score (Out of 100) General- 56.75 OBC- 54.25 SC- 49.00 ST- 43.00 OH- 45.25 VH- 49.00 HI- 14.75

Who has topped the 4th annual list of US' Richest Self-Made Women, released by Forbes?

  1. A Ginni Rometty 0%
  2. B Diane Hendricks 67%
  3. C Indra Nooyi 33%
  4. D Meg Whitman 0%
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What is the two-digit number?
i. Sum of the digits is 7.
ii. Difference between the number and the number obtained by interchanging the digits is 9.
iii. Digit in the ten’s place is bigger than the digit in the unit’s place by 1.

  1. A I and II only 0%
  2. B II and III only 0%
  3. C I and III only 0%
  4. D All I, II and III 100%
  5. E None of these 0%
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_______ Metro will open India’s first exquisite air-conditioned bed space dormitory.

  1. A Kochi 33%
  2. B Jaipur 0%
  3. C Delhi 67%
  4. D Chennai 0%
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________ has launched “world’s first” remotely operatable microscope that would enable a precise atom-by-atom view of a material.

  1. A IIT Bombay 0%
  2. B IIT Bangalore 0%
  3. C IIT Kharagpur 33%
  4. D IIT Madras 67%
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The Supreme Court upheld the_________penalty for the convicts of the 2012 Nirbhaya gangrape case.

  1. A Opening 3%
  2. B Bail 11%
  3. C Death 68%
  4. D Finish 5%
  5. E Condemnation 14%
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Rights of Holder:

1. An endorsement in blank may be converted by him into an endorsement in full

2. He is entitled to cross cheque

3. Can negotiate a cheque with the third person, if negotiation is not prohibited by any crossing etc.

4. Can claim payment of the instrument and sue in his own name on the instrument

5. Can get the duplicate copy of the cheque otherwise lost.


• Holder in due course (section 10 of NIA, 1881) means a person who has obtained the instrument for lawful and valuable consideration; must have obtained instrument before maturity; is not aware of the defect in the title of his immediate transferor and has nothing apparently wrong in the instrument.

• For instance, if a borrower of the bank, deposits a cheque with his bank in a discharge of his debt, then the position of the bank is “holder in due course”.

Conditions to be Holder in Due Course:

• Possession of instrument in the hands of a holder in due course- if the order, the name must exist as payee or endorsee

• Negotiable Instruments must be regular in all aspects

• Instruments must have been obtained for valuable consideration

• The instrument must have been obtained before the amount mentioned therein becomes payable.

• Holder in due course must obtain an instrument without having any doubt in its title. He receives the instrument free from any defective title.

Hello Guys, Today's word for the day is 'pyrotechnics'. Its meaning and usage are given along! Frame a sentence and comment it in the comment section. Happy learning!

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Arpit Srivastava 13 hours ago
Dhoni amazed spectators with his amazing batting pyrotechnics

Each of the songs were great and the choice for the best one among all three was very difficult indeed.

  1. A were great and choosing the best one among the three was very difficult indeed. 47%
  2. B was great and choosing the best one among the three was very difficult indeed. 35%
  3. C were great and choosing the best one between the three was very difficult indeed. 12%
  4. D was great and choosing the best one between the three was very difficult indeed. 6%
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