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How to download RRB Group D Result? Looking For RRB Group D Result Expected Date? Look no more. Here, we are, providing the all RRB Result, may it be Group D, ALP, and RPF right, at one place at railwayresult.in. So, keep yourself updated with RRB Result. Click Here:- https://railwayresult.in/railway-group-d-result-2018/

Glenna Fernandes 23 days ago
360 Degree Appraisal means suppose you are working as a Senior Assistant in a Firm and your work is accurate and upto mark...For this you get rewarded by your Managers, Board Of Directors and your Seniors at the same time even your Juniors Appraise your work. This is know as 360 Degree Appraisal. Everyone's Appraisal is said to be as 360 Degree Appraisal.
mayur chaudhari 3 months ago
adda247 and gradeup

Can we choose an exam mode in Hindi for SSC CGL for tier 3? Hello You can choose any language Hindi/ English as per your medium. " SSC CGL https://www.eduncle.com/ssc-cgl-recruitment-exam Tier 3 is descriptive paper. " It is a Pen and Paper mode examination. " It will be in English/Hindi (writing of Essay/Precis/Letter /Application Writing etc. " It will be of Total 100 marks and 60 minutes time is given for it (For VH and candidates suffering from Cerebral Palsy: 80 Minutes). " This paper has been introduced to assess the writing skills of the candidates which are necessary for Government jobs. " The Paper would comprise writing of an Essay / Passage of 250 words and Letter / Application Writing of approximately 150 words.

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Alok Raj 22 days ago
Eligible candidates are to register online through separate tabs available for AFCAT Entry/NCC Special Entry

Candidates eligible for one/more entries are to register separately in each entry

All applicants whose applications are submitted by due date will be called for AFCAT and Engineering Knowledge Test (EKT)

State Bank of India (SBI) has released SBI PO Cut-Off for 2018 Prelims Exam. SBI PO exam cut off is released once each phase of the examination is concluded. Let’s have a look at the cut-off for SBI PO Prelims 2018 Exam. SBI PO 2018 Prelims Cut- off Score (Out of 100) General- 56.75 OBC- 54.25 SC- 49.00 ST- 43.00 OH- 45.25 VH- 49.00 HI- 14.75

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Rights of Holder:

1. An endorsement in blank may be converted by him into an endorsement in full

2. He is entitled to cross cheque

3. Can negotiate a cheque with the third person, if negotiation is not prohibited by any crossing etc.

4. Can claim payment of the instrument and sue in his own name on the instrument

5. Can get the duplicate copy of the cheque otherwise lost.


• Holder in due course (section 10 of NIA, 1881) means a person who has obtained the instrument for lawful and valuable consideration; must have obtained instrument before maturity; is not aware of the defect in the title of his immediate transferor and has nothing apparently wrong in the instrument.

• For instance, if a borrower of the bank, deposits a cheque with his bank in a discharge of his debt, then the position of the bank is “holder in due course”.

Conditions to be Holder in Due Course:

• Possession of instrument in the hands of a holder in due course- if the order, the name must exist as payee or endorsee

• Negotiable Instruments must be regular in all aspects

• Instruments must have been obtained for valuable consideration

• The instrument must have been obtained before the amount mentioned therein becomes payable.

• Holder in due course must obtain an instrument without having any doubt in its title. He receives the instrument free from any defective title.

Hello Guys, Today's word for the day is 'pyrotechnics'. Its meaning and usage are given along! Frame a sentence and comment it in the comment section. Happy learning!

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Arpit Srivastava 6 months ago
Dhoni amazed spectators with his amazing batting pyrotechnics


Cheques can be classified into various types. Normally cheques are of four types. These are:

Bearer Cheque: A cheque payable to a person mentioned in the instrument or any person who presents the cheque on the bank’s counter is called bearer cheque. In case of bearer cheque, it can be transferred to another person by mere delivery.

Open Cheque: Holder of an open cheque can get cash across the counter of the bank or holder can transfer to another person by signing at the back of the cheque or even can deposit in his own account.

Order Cheque: Such cheques contain an order to pay money to a particular person mentioned in the instrument. Such cheques are transferable by endorsement.

Crossed Cheque: When two transverse parallel lines on the face of the cheque are put then the cheque is called crossed cheque. Crossing is a direction / instructions to the bank.


• A holder of negotiable instrument means a person who has possession of the instrument in his own name and has the right to recover money mentioned therein.

• Holder is not a person who is in possession of the instrument through theft, possesses lost cheque belonging to another person, if court passes an order not allowing possessor of the instrument to get amount. (section 8 of NIA, 1881)

• Holder has the right to endorse, obtain duplicate instrument in case of loss of original and can sue other in his own name as per the instrument.

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Juhi Kumari 4 months ago
Thank you
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