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Logical Reasoning

Enhance your problem solving ability and logical reasoning skills by solving exam-specific problems.

mayur chaudhari 3 months ago
adda247 and gradeup

What is the two-digit number?
i. Sum of the digits is 7.
ii. Difference between the number and the number obtained by interchanging the digits is 9.
iii. Digit in the ten’s place is bigger than the digit in the unit’s place by 1.

  1. A I and II only 21%
  2. B II and III only 17%
  3. C I and III only 20%
  4. D All I, II and III 26%
  5. E None of these 17%
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Palak Jain 5 months ago

Implement: Rule: :

  1. A Propose: Dispose 5%
  2. B Render: Verdict 45%
  3. C Divide: Wide 17%
  4. D Teach: Speak 34%
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Each problem consists of three statements. Based on the first two statements, the third statement may be true, false, or uncertain.
Tanya is older than Eric.
Cliff is older than Tanya.
Eric is older than Cliff.
If the first two statements are true, the third statement is

  1. A true 21%
  2. B false 68%
  3. C uncertain 11%
19 Attempts

What is Arun’s present age?
I. Five years ago, Arun’s age was double that of his son’s age at that time.
II. Present ages of Arun and his son are in the ratio of 11 : 6 respectively.
III. Five years hence, the respective ratio of Arun’s age and his son’s age will become 12 : 7.

  1. A Only I and II 27%
  2. B Only II and III 9%
  3. C Only I and III 9%
  4. D Any two of the three 55%
11 Attempts

Seven persons – A, B, C, D, E, F and G live on seven different floors of a building but not necessarily in same order. Lowermost floor of building is numbered 1, one above that is numbered 2 and so on till top most floor is numbered 7. Each one of them also own different brands of Perfume, namely Laurelle, Jagguar, Revlon, Yardley, Titan, Burberry and Adidas.(but not necessarily in the same order). All of them went to tour on seven different days starting from Monday to Sunday(of the same week) A lives an odd numbered floor but not on floor numbered Three. Only two persons live between D and the one who owns Titan. The one who owns Revlon lives immediately above C. The one who owns Titan went to tour on one of the days before Thursday. The one who owns Jagguar lives on odd numbered floors above D. B lives on one of the floors above E. Only three persons live between C and the one who owns Jagguar. The person who went to tour on Friday owns Laurelle Perfume.The one who owns Laurelle lives immediately above the one who owns Adidas. G lives on an odd numbered floor. E does not own Revlon. D went to tour on Sunday. Only one person lives between B and E. The one who owns Titan lives immediately above A. Neither C nor A owns Yardley. The one who went to tour on Wednesday immediately after the one who owns Jagguar. The one who owns Revlon went to tour immediately before the one who lives in floor no 3. There are two persons live between the floor no 4 and the person who went to tour on Wednesday. The one who went to tour on Wednesday is not C. answer please

What is R’s share of profit in a joit venture?
I.Q started business investing Rs. 80,000.
II.R joined him after 3 months.
III.P joined after 4 months with a capital of Rs. 1,20,000 and got Rs. 6000 as his share profit.

  1. A All I, II and III 0%
  2. B I and III only 0%
  3. C II and III only 67%
  4. D Even with all I, II and III, the answer cannot be arrived at 33%
3 Attempts

In a class there are seven students (including boys and girls) A, B, C, D, E, F and G. They sit on three benches I, II and III. Such that at least two students on each bench and at least one girl on each bench. C who is a girl student, does not sit with A, E and D. F the boy student sits with only B. A sits on the bench I with his best friends. G sits on the bench III. E is the brother of C.
How many girls are there out of these 7 students ?

  1. A 3 33%
  2. B 3 or 4 50%
  3. C 4 0%
  4. D Data inadequate 17%
6 Attempts
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