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The SSC CGL or the SSC Combined Graduate Level Exam is one of the most prestigious exams conducted by the staff selection commission for recruiting candidates for various posts in over 30 departments. Lakhs of candidates appear for the SSC CGL every year.

Can we choose an exam mode in Hindi for SSC CGL for tier 3? Hello You can choose any language Hindi/ English as per your medium. " SSC CGL https://www.eduncle.com/ssc-cgl-recruitment-exam Tier 3 is descriptive paper. " It is a Pen and Paper mode examination. " It will be in English/Hindi (writing of Essay/Precis/Letter /Application Writing etc. " It will be of Total 100 marks and 60 minutes time is given for it (For VH and candidates suffering from Cerebral Palsy: 80 Minutes). " This paper has been introduced to assess the writing skills of the candidates which are necessary for Government jobs. " The Paper would comprise writing of an Essay / Passage of 250 words and Letter / Application Writing of approximately 150 words.

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Which BSc course is easiest or helps to prepare for SSC Exams? Hello In India, 150+ B.Sc. courses are available after 12th. Candidates who want to complete their class 12th can apply for this program. First of all, I will tell you that there is nothing to easy or hard. Its totally depend on you. If you select a course in which you are interested then you will find that your B.Sc. course is very easy. But if you select any one subject in which you are not interested then you cant study for this. Thank You!!

A cloth merchant has announced 25% rebate in prices If one needs to have a rebate of ₹40 then how many metres of cloth costing ₹32 per meter he should purchase?

  1. A 6m 20%
  2. B 5m 20%
  3. C 10m 40%
  4. D 7m 20%
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Shruthi yadav 8 months ago
s 5m

A and B can do a work in 30 days.They Started the work together and after 20 days B left from work .Then A alone completes the work in 15 days.But in how many days B alone can completes work?

  1. A 45 64%
  2. B 75 18%
  3. C 95 0%
  4. D None 18%
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Vignesh 8 months ago
A + B can complete a work in 30 days.
But, A + B worked together for 20 days.
during this time 20 / 30 of the work is completed. i.e, 2/3
Then, A alone completed the remaining work in 15 days.
The remaining work = 1 - 2/3 = 1/3.
If A can do 1/3 work in 15 days, he can do the total work in 45 days (i.e, 1/3 + 1/3 + 1/3 = 15 + 15 + 15 = 45 days)
Now, we will try through eliminating the options:
If A can do the total work in 45 days, and B can do it in 90 days,
the LCM of both is 90. (i.e, 1/45 + 1/90)
therefore, (2+1)/90 = 3/90 unit/day = 1/30.
So, this option is right as the total work is completed in 30 days.
Hence, the answer is 90.
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Which of the following is responsible for the fact that Tennis ball bounces higher at high altitudes than in plains?

  1. A Low Gravity 27%
  2. B High Gravity 32%
  3. C Less Dense Air 32%
  4. D Low atmospheric temperature 8%
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Suraj Baghel 8 months ago
High gravity

The leading state in producing paper is

  1. A Kerala 28%
  2. B Bihar 6%
  3. C West Bengal 46%
  4. D Karnataka 20%
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