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The institute of banking personnel selection commonly known as the IBPS conducts the IBPS PO each year to recruit candidates for the prestigious role of probationary officer. The post of a probationary officer comes with significant perks like an exciting career, great work-life balance, ample allowances and job security.

Arpit Srivastava 2 months ago
mayur chaudhari 3 months ago
adda247 and gradeup

I want to do online preparation for Bank PO.When the new batch will start ?

  1. A August 59%
  2. B September 41%
56 Attempts 1 Comment
Pramod 5 months ago

A milkman has 80-liter mixture of milk and water which has 20% of water. The milkman sold some mixture and add 8 liters of water to the remaining mixture. Now the ratio of the milk and water is 12:5. Find the sold mixture.

  1. A 5 Liter 0%
  2. B 20 Liter 67%
  3. C 16 Liter 33%
  4. D 4 Liter 0%
6 Attempts

Hello, There are many exams through which you can be recruited in a bank. Every year, large no. of students appear in these exams for recruitment on various positions in the banking sector. The banking sector is one of the lucrative career options. So, you should be updated with the latest Banking Exams. For bank recruitment, the top recruiting agencies are: IBPS, SBI, RBI etc. These conducts exams for the recruitment of candidates in a bank. There are many public sector banks which conducts their own exams, like: Canara Bank, Syndicate Bank, Bank of Baroda, Bank of Maharashtra etc. But before you apply for any of these bank exams, you need to make sure you satisfy all the eligibility conditions required to appear in the exam. Best of Luck!

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Maneesha manu 6 months ago
which type of books we preparing for ibps po exams
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Kaushal Kishore 10 months ago
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