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RBI Grade B

The reserve bank of India is undoubtedly the most prestigious institution in India. Every year the RBI recruits candidates for filling posts at the highest level through the RBI grade B exam. Once a candidate has been selected as a grade B officer,he/she could even go on to become deputy governor of the RBI before retirement.

Glenna Fernandes 23 days ago
360 Degree Appraisal means suppose you are working as a Senior Assistant in a Firm and your work is accurate and upto mark...For this you get rewarded by your Managers, Board Of Directors and your Seniors at the same time even your Juniors Appraise your work. This is know as 360 Degree Appraisal. Everyone's Appraisal is said to be as 360 Degree Appraisal.

World Bank was started based on which conference

  1. A bretton woods conference 1944 41%
  2. B Carl wood conference 1944 24%
  3. C Carl malbrown conference 1944 12%
  4. D bretton malbrown conference 1944 24%
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Gursewak Singh 9 months ago
Hilo sir
Happy Me :) 1 year ago
2016 cutoff for lucknow - both prelims and mains was 101.50
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SOHRT TRICK TO SOLVE LINER EQUATION:- ax+by=k1 cx+dy=k2 x=(b*k2)-(d*k1)/(b*c)-(d*a); y=(k1*c)-(k2*a)/(b*c)-(a*d);

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Amit kumar 1 year ago
here is example check out
replace -ve sign into +ve and use the trick



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